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Cartagena Culinary Vacation

From US$ 898 p.p. with 2 Pax. / 6 days / Private tour

Travel Consultant

Guide Included

Transport Included


  • Ceviche workshop

  • Rum tasting

  • Traditional cooking class

  • San Basilio de Palenque, the corner of Africa in Cartagena

  • Coffee tasting tour, enjoy the unforgettable aroma of Colombian coffee

  • Historical walking tour

  • 5 nights accommodation in city center

Program description

Filled with colors, culture and history, Cartagena is the place you cannot miss when visiting Colombia. The streets, houses, and balconies keep the baroque architecture alive in this city from the Spanish colonial era.


Cartagena de Indias is one of Latin America’s most popular colonial cities. The historical center was declared National Heritage in 1959 and became UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. Three populations were mainly involved in the formation of the Cartagena in all its aspects: the indigenous, the Spanish, and the African. They left a very rich gastronomic and cultural legacy that lasts until our days. This vacation will lead you through authentic sites where your personal guide will inform you about past and present of the rich gastronomy and colorful culture. You are invited to get to know the city and its inhabitants in a particular kind of way. A plan perfect for travelers who want to be more than just tourists! 


Cartagena - La Boquilla - Palenque de San Basilio

6 days / 5 nights
Check availability and plan the trip of your dreams!
Itinerary Details

 Day 1 

Arrival and Ceviche workshops. 

The team from Newtours Colombia will be waiting for you at Rafael Nuñez international airport. You will then be transferred to the hotel, situated inside the historic city center. Around 7:00 p.m., you will start your ceviche workshop.

Ceviche is the fusion of Cartagena passion, where you can feel the magic of the Caribbean on a plate of food, transmitted from generation to generation. During your ceviche workshop, you will learn every single step of preparation and the receipts of Newtours Colombia's ceviche treasures accompanied with patacones (fried cook plantain) or banana chips.

The variety of ceviches is unlimited, you can prepare it with mango or fish or seafood, according to your favorite flavors, and you will also learn how to prepare a maracuya lemonade to surprise your friends at home.

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 Day 2 

Walking tour and rum tasting.

The colorful streets of Cartagena are made for a walk. Explore the walled city with your personal guide who will tell you about Cartagena’s past and present when visiting monuments such as the Clock Tower or Don Pedro de Heredia's statue, the city's founder as well as other less-visited parts of the historic center.

During the walk, you may notice many influences - Romanesque, Moorish, colonial, military, Arabic, Spanish, and North American that have given shape to Cartagena. You will also cross by Parque Bolivar, facing the Palace of the Inquisition, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, and San Pedro Claver Square, dedicated to the Spanish-born monk known as “Slave of the Slaves” for his life spent ministering African slaves brought to the Spanish colonies. Also, the Getsemani district, named by Forbes Magazine as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world, will not be missed on this city tour.

At night, you will enjoy a pleasant experience designed for adventurous people who want to discover new flavors and textures, as well as differentiating and distinguishing a good cocktail and Cartagena's exquisite liquor. The rum tasting seeks to immerse you in the mythical world of pirates, where your palate will be the only witness of the hidden treasure that Cartagena guards inside.

You will live a wonderful and recreational experience, led by one of the most important mixologists in Colombia, who will guide you and show you that the mysterious world of liquor goes way beyond a bottle. The tasting is based on different rums from the Colombian culture accompanied by the best chocolates of the land.

The best rums in the world are classified as Colombian artisan rums. By tasting their rums, you are able to distinguish thanks to your sensory senses - the different notes of coffee, caramel, vanilla, and much more. The tasting consists of Colombian rums, spirits, and infused rums, and during the tasting, you will learn about the origin and the process of making each rum that is presented to you. The tasting lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

 Day 3 

San Basilio de Palenque tour

A corner of Africa in America! Benkos Bioho, is a runaway slave who, accompanied by 36 other male and female slaves, hid in the area found what is now known as San Basilio de Palenque, the first slavery-free town in Colombia. Their palenquera language, traditions, and rituals remained intact since they had no connection with the main road and the city and remained isolated until the seventies when the famous boxer “Kid Pambelé” placed this settlement on the map and brought with him access roads to the village.

Located an hour and a half drive from Cartagena by road, this African corner, declared by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage of humanity, offers to visitors a window on Afro-descendant history in Colombia and America. A guide and private vehicle will pick you up at your hotel and take you comfortably to San Basilio de Palenque, where a local guide will receive you and you will learn a little of the Palenquero dialect, history, and culture of this great town.

Through craft arts such as the work of the spinners, who with their strong movement prepare the corn to feed their families, and the beautiful art of weaving through the hands of artisans who tell their stories through their handicraft, you get even closer to the culture. After exploring the village and its surroundings, you will enjoy a delicious typical lunch in the palenquera way.

 Day 4 

Bazurto market and cooking class.

The Bazurto market is a traditional market offering fish, meat, fruit, clothing, and is as important in Cartagena as the La Popa Convent or the Castle of San Felipe. It is a very traditional market, barely visited by tourists. You can buy food or traditionally prepared Colombian dishes or just enjoy the local market of Cartagena in the early hours. Let this “underground” part of Cartagena enchant you; it is ideal for an adventure.

You will walk through a maze of alleys, where the tour guide will introduce you to all kinds of fruit, herbs, vegetables, fish, seafood, and meat. There are also a spice market and natural healing pharmacies.  At the end of the tour, you will arrive at the comedor (the market cafeteria) where you can have breakfast (optional, not included).

Gastronomy is an important part of the local culture and the Cartageneros are proud of their Caribbean cuisine. Apart from tasting it, what would be better than learning how to prepare seafood, coconut rice, and other specialties of Cartagena's cuisine? The cooking class takes place in a colonial house in the city center or in Getsemaní. The chef will give you a presentation about the ingredients before showing you how to prepare typical dishes. The class takes about three hours. Afterward, you will eat together.

 Day 5 

San Alberto Coffee tasting and street food tour

San Alberto is an upper premium coffee cultivated on the blessed soil of Buenavista, Colombia. It is a single estate coffee that is carefully produced under the trademarked process “Quintuple Selection Process“; a series of difficult and labor intensive selections that yield a unique product with an unparalleled flavor and an amazing aroma, which will delight your palate.

San Alberto Coffee is a family company which dedicates itself to coffee culture for more than 40 years. San Alberto Coffee is 100% home-made and is harvested on a plantation of Buenavista Finca in the state Quindío. You will be offered the unique opportunity to experience the exquisite coffee culture in the coastal area. This way, you will learn about the recognition factor of the worldwide famous Colombian coffee.

There will be a one-hour tour that will be a sensorial experience, where you will learn more about Colombian coffee, its production with all the important little details, and of course, you will learn more about the various smells of the coffee beans and the taste of San Alberto selection.

In the evening, please bring your appetites and an adventurous attitude. You will hit the streets to experience food the way Cartageneros do. Whether you are searching for a stopover snack or something more substantial, a healthy start or a sweet dessert, Cartagena’s streets provide everything!

One of the very best ways to gain an insight into the daily lives and culture of the locals is to experience their culinary culture. The two-hour tour will get you up close and personal with the real Cartagena as the street sellers fill your bellies with their delicacies and warm your hearts with their hospitality.

 Day 6 


It is time to say goodbye. Check out and airport transfer.

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Price & Inclusions

From US$ 898 p.p.

Price above is for min. 2 Pax. Ask for your group discount. Private tour.


  • Airport transfers

  • 5 x nights accommodation

  • 5 x delicious breakfast

  • 1 x ceviche workshop

  • 1 x walking tour

  • 1 x rum tasting

  • 1 x San Basilio de Palenque tour or La Boquilla Tour

  • 1 x Bazurto market tour

  • 1 x cooking class

  • 1 x coffee tasting

  • 1 x street food tour

 Not Included 

  • International or national flights

  • Personal expenses and tips

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Important Notes


All year round. Daily start from Cartagena airport.

Physical Difficulty: 1


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6 days / 5 nights


You will stay at Hotel 3 Banderas, located in the historic center of Cartagena, the walled city and the pride of Colombia, with the real Colombian vibe. Newtours Colombia has options for different budgets. Start your day like any Colombian would, enjoying a hot cup of coffee with fresh fruit and more.

Hotel 3 Banderas has been restored in its originality while maintaining the magical style of the period. The boutique hotel has two internal courtyards located on the ground floor and a terrace, pool, and spa on the third floor.

The hotel is located about 50 meters from the San Diego Plaza and the Sofitel Santa Clara Hotel. The styles of the balconies in the hotel are colonial and republican which create a mystique and unique atmosphere.

The hotel's 16 years of service in Cartagena shaped it into a hotel that is recognized for its assistance and exemplary attention to the customers. They are also known for being a quiet and peaceful hotel.

Thanks to their ideal location in the heart of the walled city of Cartagena, their guests have easy access to a large variety of important landmarks and restaurants.

Recommendations (clothing and equipment)

We recommend you to bring:  tennis or special walking shoes, sleepwear, raincoat, swim suit, sandals or flip flops, sunglasses, personal hygiene items, cap, repellent, camera, towel, small backpack for walks. 


Delicious food awaits for you in every single place where you will be staying, you will also find: typical dishes as a representative sample of the tasty Colombian gastronomy, tropical and exotic fruits native to the region, snacks, among others. If you require special food (vegetarian, vegan) or suffer from allergies, please inform us before starting the tour.


So far there has been no history of yellow fever or malaria in this area. Having the yellow fever vaccination is a preventive measure since you are going to visit a tropical forest. The yellow fever vaccine must be applied at least 10 days before the trip. It is also high recommended to bring a good repellent.

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