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Mavicure Hills

From US$ 419 p.p. / 4 days / Discount for groups

Travel Consultant

Guide Included

Transport Included


  • Impressive landscapes

  • Fascinating fauna and flora

  • Native communities

  • River dolphins

  • Inírida & Orinoco river boat tours

Program description

The Mavicure hills, located in the state of Guanía is one of Colombia’s most impressive natural wonders. Traveling there is an experience that you definitely should not miss! 3 giant granite rock formations located on the banks of the Inírida river rise on the horizon and show themselves as guardians of mother nature. Their names: Pajarito (712 m), Mono (480 m), and Mavicure (180 m). Geologically, scientists aren’t entirely sure the origin of these rocks. They are part of the geological formation of the Guiana shield, a 1.7 billion year old Precambrian rock formation. You can ascend to the top of one of these huge hills and have an amazing view over the vast  jungle.


Visiting Mavicure and the beautiful  places of this region is a unique opportunity. Apart of this "rock hills" you will visit different colorful rivers and streams found in the area, such as the Orinoco, and the Atabapo among others which are a must-see along with their landscapes, sunsets, native communities and beaches.


This trip is a mix of hiking and relaxation, perfect for shielding yourself from the outside world. Watch or swim with river dolphins in their natural habitat and look for the rare Inírida flower. The film "EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT" about a shaman in the rainforest was filmed in this very particular region. Feel the mysterious powers of the indigenous people and start a boat trip in total nature and adventure from Puerto Inírida. A tour desigend for those looking for something unique and off the beaten track. 

In short, a truly mystical place.


Puerto Inírida - El Remanso - Mavicure Hills - Estrella Fluvial

Best time to visit (all year long)

Dry season (summer in the northern Amazon): November to April, when the water level descend forming riverside beaches and mysterious cave and rock paintings wich are possible to see.

Rainy seasonMay to October. During wet season you can expect sunny days as well. It is also possible to visit Mavecure during these months, when the water levels rise and allow you to navigate through the beautiful flooded jungles. In the rainy season, we recommend to book the 5 day tour (see below under show more infos).

4 days / 3 nights
Check availability and plan the trip of your dreams!
Itinerary Details

 Day 1 

Flight to Puerto Inírida from Bogotá (approx. 1h), river boat trip (approx. 2.5h), arrival and accommodation at our indigenous house or camp just in front of the amazing Mavicure hills, intercultural exchange with an ancestral culture. Early in the morning, you will take the first flight from Bogotá to Puerto Inírida where we will welcome you. Upon arrival, we drive you to the local port to take our boat and navigate upstream on the Inirida River.  After a 2.5h amazing boat trip we reach our camp at El Remanso, a small indigenous "Puinave" village. This place is perfectly located very close to the hills, where you can take your first pictures. Afterwards we serve you lunch with special local dishes. In the afternoon, we will meet the local community to have an intercultural exchange and hear the history about this sacred place for them. Later, you will enjoy a well deserved swim in the river. Finishing up the day with dinner and time for some relaxation to have energy for the next days adventures.


 Day 2 

Ascent to Mavicure hill, Caño San Joaquín & Cerro del Diablo.

Before sunrise you will have a delicious breakfast and then we will start a great day of hiking. First, we will cross the river towards the Mavicure, Pájaro and Mono Hills. Then, we will hike to the top of the Mavicure hill (approx 1.5 to 2 hours). From there, you have the perfect view over the hills and  you will appreciate one of the most beautiful landscapes in Colombia: the immense jungles and savannahs of Guainía! On the way back, you will visit Caño de San Joaquín, where you will enjoy a refreshing swim in the middle of the jungle. The waters of the pipe have a red wine hue, the result of the sedimentation of the jungle. Once at the camp you will be served  lunch and get a break. In the afternoon, we will start a short walk around Cerro Diablo where you will see the gallery forests (forests where the exuberance of the vegetation still allows wide spaces where you can walk). Upon returning from this last hike, you will be able to enjoy an indigenous dinner in the camp before going to rest.

 Day 3 

Estrella fluvial de Inírida, Caño Matraca, pink river dolphins, Caño Jota. early in the morning, we have breakfast to start our activities. Our adventure begins by taking you to cano Matraca to look for the famous pink dolphins or toninas. Feel free to swim with the dolphins and be prepared to take pictures. Afterwards, we continue navigating down the Inírida River to the town of Amanaven, on the banks of the Guaviare River. From here, you will take a walk along the river to the Estrella Fluvial del Sur or Humboldt, a natural setting where the Atabapo, Inírida, Orinoco and Guaviare rivers meet. You can see the different colors of the river. It’s a pretty stunning sight. Its captivating traveling on rivers like this. It makes you feel small. During the tour, you will arrive at Piedra de Maviso which borders with Venezuela. Once here, you will enjoy a bath in the waters of the Atabapo River. We continue the journey to Caño Jota to enjoy the landscape and the sighting of fauna and flora during the tour. Then you will return by boat to Inírida, where we will spend the last night.

 Day 4 

The savannah of Inírida, endemic flowers, Coco viejo town, ancient petroglyphs and artisan crafts. Your day begins by visiting the Inírida savannahs, where you will be able to see the rare Inírida flower, the emblem of this region. You will also climb the Vitina hill, where you can enjoy the last spectacular view of this trip. After your descent, if the water levels allow it, you will enjoy a refreshing river bath. Then visit the indigenous community of artisans of Coco,home of ancient petroglyphs. You will return to the hotel to have lunch and then a transport will take you to the Inírida airport. 

Important note: The suggested itinerary, may have variations due to logistical or climatic conditions. It’s possible we have to invert the order of the activities to be carried out, but still visiting the mentioned sights.

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Price & Inclusions

From US$ 419 p.p.

Price above for 4 pax. Ask for your group discount. 

(+15% High season: Easter & 15.12 -15.01) 


  • Tour from/to Puerto Inírida airport

  • 2 nights in camps (accomodation in camps/rustic huts (tents or beds)

  • 1 night in local hotel, Puerto Inírida (standard class)

  • All meals & Hydration during activities

  • All boat and ground transfers 

  • All mentioned activities in the program

  • ES Guide (Optional: EN Guide)

  • All entrances and taxes, Travel insurance

 Not Included 

  • International or national flights

  • Local tourism fees (approx. USD 25)

  • Personal expenses and tips

  • As in program indicated optional services

  • EN Guidance (On request, USD 50 per day)

  • Bags carrier (On request)

Important Notes


All year round. Daily start from Puerto Inírida.

Physical Difficulty: 5


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4 days / 3 nights.

Optional: 5-day program, during rainy season. The route is almost the same, the difference is we will navigate through the flooded jungle. Ask us for detailed itinerary.


The accommodation is offered in indigenous communities with rustic huts (Malokas). Tents or beds with mattresses, mosquito nets and cotton blankets will be available. All the camps are equipped with basic bathrooms, but you need to bring personal hygiene tools such as soap, toothbrush and towel. Showers are taken in the river.

Recommendations (clothing and equipment)

The amount of clothes that should be brought, depends on the number of days chosen to take the tour. As far as weather, you can expect is hot and humid, that’s why it is really important to take some comfortable clothes (ex. t-shirts and shorts for walking) on the other hand, temperatures tends to go down at night, in this case we recommend you to bring a change of long pants and long sleeves shirts, they will help you to be protected against mosquitoes and also from the cold. Do not forget to take a water bottle (1 ½ liter is enough) once you get to the camps you can refill with filtered water. Insect repellent, sunscreen, comfortable clothes, trekking boots, swimsuit, raincoat, towel, 2 plastic bags (to separate wet and dry clothes) and last but not least basic personal hygiene kit. In addition to this, you should bring sandals to relax after each trekking tour


Delicious local food awaits for you in the camp site where you will be staying, you will also find: typical dishes as a representative sample of the tasty Colombian gastronomy, tropical and exotic fruits native to the region, snacks, among others. In fact, if you have any food preference, it would not be a problem; our team of cooks will provide you meals that match them. If you require special food (vegetarian, vegan etc.) or suffer from allergies, please inform us before starting the tour.

Domestic flight Bogotá - Puerto Inírida, International flights

In order to run our tour on schedule, please book the first flight from Bogotá on day 1 and the last flight from Puerto Inírida on the last day. Satena Colombia is the local airline flying to Puerto Inírida. On request, we can assist you  to book the national  or interflight tickets for you.


So far there has been no history of yellow fever or malaria in this area. Having the yellow fever vaccination is a good preventive measure, since you are going to visit a tropical forest. The yellow fever vaccine must be applied at least 10 days before the trip. It is also highly recommended to bring a good repellent.


The cell phone signal is weak. We recommend telling your family that you will be absent during the days of the tour.

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